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The Ferris Wheel

It's so breath-taking to behold all the twinkling lights below and how everything seems so small, just like a little fairyland

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Discovering the Secret Strength and Joy in Solitude

This is an article I wrote a while back for I am sharing here because I re-read it for inspiration. Please do read it and comment about any topics you would like me to cover that will be beneficial. “ Stop the world! I want to get off!” Can you relate? This can be… Continue reading Discovering the Secret Strength and Joy in Solitude

All I know, freshly pressed, Life, life lessons, writing

Where’s the blackbox?!

How do you know when change is afoot? When you feel lost... When your inner compass is all over the place... When you feel unsettled in your life... Much like when a plane is about to go down; I know, I know...but with all the recent planes going down, it seemed an apt analogy [Don't… Continue reading Where’s the blackbox?!

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So, I just wrote my first exam of this semester! I have not written a blog post since February of this year! Reflection: Time really does's not just a saying! Truth be told, I think I have allowed the negative committee to convene and preside over this sitting for too long!! 'Tis time to… Continue reading Reflections…

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Mid-Life Crisis

Well, well, well...Look who's back! Yes, it has been a whole month, and I missed the Blogosphere. It was an un-intended sabbatical, really. Even though I was travelling, I had every intention of blogging throughout the roadtrip, as well as about the amazing time I would have with my mum and my siblings, all under… Continue reading Mid-Life Crisis

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Green Beans – timeless treasures

This post has been drafted, deleted and postponed.  The word Treasure was taken from the list of  words given in one of the BloggingU assignments. My beloved Grandma [maternal] passed in July. She was a real gem. A treasure trove of stories and lessons.  I grew up with her. She taught me to sleep neatly, eat… Continue reading Green Beans – timeless treasures