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The Ferris Wheel

Who remembers the ferris wheel?!

It’s the first thing we see when we go to the fair.  It towers high above everything else. At night, it’s lit up and attracts even those people who did not seem to notice it during the day!  We stand in line, excitedly deciding which car will be the best to ride in. Excitement mounts as we get closer to the front…until finally we’re at the bottom of the stairs!  The next time the wheel stops, we will be getting on!!  Suddenly you’re nervous about getting to the top and you keep watching the wheel as it turns…carefully eyeing each car to make sure it doesn’t creak, or sway too much; are the occupants smiling? Now it’s your turn…you climb the thin metal stairs, and cross the platform that is now shaking as the people disembark. You watch them all closely and notice how they’re laughing and chatting, and you tell yourself, “it’s safe; they made it!”

You get in to the swaying car, and suddenly, you remember that scene from a movie you watched, where the girl gets stuck at the top of the ferris wheel! “Calm down!” you think to yourself, as you sit down and pull the safety bar as far as it will go and then push it away again to make sure it’s locked in place. You look around you, everything seems just fine, so you decide to take a deep breath and enjoy this ride!  Suddenly your face breaks into a smile and your butterflies return in excitement of the view you’re about to witness.  The bell sounds and the wheel starts moving…the car sways with the start and you look down and see that you’re far above the fair. It’s so breath-taking to behold all the twinkling lights below and how everything seems so small, just like a little fairyland. Ahead of you is the town with it’s streets and buildings; this is a changed view of the little place you live in, and you realise how expansive it actually is!  And then there’s just the open sky…indigo velvet, strewn with silver studs and wisps of white fluff. It’s so peaceful, it feels like another world up here; as though you’ve left the real world far behind! Throughout this reverie, you fail to notice that the wheel has stopped, so you’re jerked out of your peaceful trance when it starts moving again! You’re going into descent, backwards! You whip around to see what’s behind you and you realise you’re back where you started…

And that is how most of us go through life, isn’t it? We ride the ferris wheel of 2016 and before we know it, we look back and realise we’re already in 2017!!
What has changed for you this year? Did you start another year making a list of ‘New Year Resolutions” that only get recycled for the next year’s list?
We need to stop, what I call, the Ferris Wheel Syndrome.

                      We need to purposefully design our lives for better living.

It is valuable to dream, but dreams without action are just fantasies; delusions.  Ferris Wheel Syndrome is when we get ‘stuck’ in dream mode.  There is no veritable traction. And that is how we find ourselves recycling Old Year resolutions to the New Year list.

Change in all things is sweet.

So, you might be rolling you eyes and thinking, ‘yeah, yeah…easier said, than done!’ Maybe. Maybe not.
What if you had a guideline?
No school or college class ever taught us how to live life in the real world, or how to design our lives to be exactly how we dreamt it would be. SO, HOW?
Imagine you want to bake a cake for your birthday. You remember from watching your mum, when you were little, that it involves, butter, sugar and eggs.  You know little else; what do you do?
Indeed! Find a recipe and instructions. Maybe a video or a tutorial.

It is the same with anything in life: college, career, parenting, marriage, even life itself.  Find a recipe. Find a coach. Get the best instructions to build the life you want. The life you always dream of.
It won’t happen by accident.
It won’t happen on autopilot.
It certainly won’t happen while you are working hard at the office.

Do you want to design your dream life?
Most of us say we do, some of us strive to, but the reality of making it happen is the real challenge.  With a calendar full of work, kids, activities, marriage, exercise, dinners, friends and family, where do we even start, right?

The magic that turns dreams into reality, is called ACTION. Action that creates impact and transformation is the fuel that will drive your dreams to reality. For any action to occur, you must want it. You must say YES! You must do the work. And most importantly, you must be kind to yourself.

The starting point of any achievement is desire.
Napoleon Hill

It took me a while, but I figured out the process to design the life I wanted. It was hard work and tough choices, it was facing raw emotion and deep fears, but I found my way!  I learned to love myself better. I learned to be true to myself, to my values and beliefs. I learned that I do matter and that it was perfectly okay to be happy.

Pretty Much All I know, is that it feels totally amazing to be free. To be ME!

If you would like to design the life you want, using the process I discovered, schedule a consult with me.

Fatima is a wife, mother, writer, life coach and JEDI. She writes about life lessons, inspiration and philosophical ideas on her blog at All I Know and is in the process of launching her Personal Transformation Program at her new company Forever Meaningful, a transformational consulting company designed to empower every woman to find her strength, love herself, and purposefully design her best life.

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