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So, I just wrote my first exam of this semester!
I have not written a blog post since February of this year!

Reflection: Time really does fly…’s not just a saying!

Truth be told, I think I have allowed the negative committee to convene and preside over this sitting for too long!!
‘Tis time to clean house!!  [NO! not literally…gosh! imagine me, with a mop and dust cloth?!]

NO! DON’T! You know what they say about thoughts…

Back to reflections….In hindsight, I realised that what we keep in the fore of our minds and what we speak really does become a reality.  I tested this theory after attending a 3 day workshop on how to memorise the Quran in 56 days! So the crux of the workshop was more about how we train and prepare our minds and about removing negatives and excuses from our lives.  It was about breathing properly, about activating both sides of the brain for success. It was about finding your methodology for success and challenging the mind to remove all limitations!

Moreover, it was about learning that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

This was only in the level one workshop. Naturally, I was inclined to attend the second workshop.  I decided to monitor the people around me and see how they respond to negativity and what their perceptions were.  I mean we all carry around this box of colours that we constantly use on the canvas of life and I wanted to know more about this.

On the first day, I took note of body language (kinesics), speech and facial expressions ( a tad difficult when some women wore niqab). The thing is, I went in gung ho and expected reciprocation because I was fired up from the first workshop!  I was met with fallen gazes, half smiles, soft greetings, bossiness, shyness, overtness, vociferousness, opinionatedness, divisiveness and a myriad of otherness.  So, I guessed that not everyone attended the level two workshop because they were amped to learn more; not everyone was as fired up as I was and not everyone had a really good night’s rest!

As the workshop began, we were taught that we should “Step back and look again with new perspective”, when we encounter hurdles in life.

I immediately took this advice and removed all the colours I had just used to colour the people in the room!  Blank canvas – Done!

I decided a new litmus test was in order.  So in the break I smiled at people a lot and quite a few smiled back.  Had an interesting lady talk to me in the bathroom and then met another lady from the first workshop who never stopped talking about herself, her situation, her kids and even though I love to listen to people, even when I wanted to ask a question or make a comment, she would just cut me off and continue on a different tangent.  I still didn’t take out my colours to colour anyone!  When we returned to the session, I noticed that I was not at all concerned about anything that had happened in the break. None of it was replaying in my head and there was no emotional attachment to the situations.  WOW!!  The next lesson was about staying positive always, even if negativity abounds.  I resolved to use all the information I had learned at the workshop!

I entered the venue on day two with little to no expectations!  I marched in sombrely and grabbed a bottle of water before settling into my seat.  I went to greet my new-found friend who doesn’t stop talking and she seemed calmer.  I also greeted the lady who conversed with me in the bathroom and she was quite chipper.  My ‘neighbours’ from the day before were all smiling and greeting and asking for my name!   I wasn’t sure if it was Sunday vibes or the effects of the workshop.  I decided to adopt the opposite stance, in relation to the lesson we learnt the previous day.  I lowered my energies mentally and told everyone who asked that I was just “tired”.  Some people were curious about my sleep time, others were just responsive with sympathies, others wished I felt better and others agreed to feeling the same way.  More than that though, I realised that when I was super-charged the previous day, it seemed everyone else was not and when I was low, everyone seemed cheerier and concerned that I wasn’t.  Crazily enough, my ‘neighbour’ started actually nodding off during the workshop! WOW! The lesson about a strong mental state and conviction was paying off!  I had learning and practice in one go and, I must say, as a Psychology student, that was the most interesting survey yet!

Pretty much all I know….is that practice makes perfect!


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