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A measure of Time…


Elusive Time!

A rare commodity that is so easily bought and sold!

It cannot be bottled or stored…

Never shared, traded or gifted.

Why then do we take it for granted?!


A measure of time is never contained!

“I’ll be there in 5!” yet only arrive in 15…

” I’ll do it just now!” only it always is now, but never is done…


Always the 1 that got away!

Never the 1 to stay a while…


The essence of life…

This prose was inspired

by the myriad of times

I have intended to blog in the last 2 months!

Exams were done.

Results arrived.

Summer holidays began.

School runs ended.

And still,

I never found the time.

The time I longed for all the while.

The blissful time,

to write to my heart’s content.

All I ended up with,

was a list of possible blog topics.

And so,

I begin again.

Making time.

Time to write.

Time to release.

Time to ponder.

Time to reflect.

Time to learn.

Time to grow.

It is my time.

Never to be bought or sold.

Never to stay a little longer.

Until my time


Pretty much All I know….is that Time waits for no man!


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