freshly pressed

Mid-Life Crisis

Well, well, well…Look who’s back!
Yes, it has been a whole month, and I missed the Blogosphere. It was an un-intended sabbatical, really.

Even though I was travelling, I had every intention of blogging throughout the roadtrip, as well as about the amazing time I would have with my mum and my siblings, all under one roof!

For a whole week!

NB: We all survived.

It’s not like there is anything glaringly wrong with us. And don’t get me wrong, we all mostly love each other[ I think?!] , it just doesn’t ooze out of our every pore and it is not sickly sweet. I know some families are all about that, but we’re not. It has taken us years to learn to say the words ” love you” to each other, but that in no way means we fought like cats and dogs. Mother dearest, managed to single-handedly raise decent, functional humans after Father went AWOL.

empty cup

I recently learned this concept and it all made sense; I understood why we were not raised on sickly sweet love. Our “cup” was empty.  As I imagine it would be, for most single parents,attempting to pick up the pieces and raise 3 decent humans at the same time.

I am proud to say that our hearts are in the right place, and that speaks volumes!

My Mom was, an amazing Mother, is, an awesome Mom and will ALWAYS be, OUR SUPER MOM!

In my last assignment of this semester, some reading revealed that “…an unhealthy symbiotic relationship with an overprotective mother who frustrates her children’s own individuality and play, not allowing them to feel for themselves.” can manifest and induce mid-life crisis.

I am now thankful for not having an overprotective, smothering Mother 🙂

Pretty much all I know…is that I don’t have to worry about suffering a mid-life crisis!


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