Blogging Uni posts

Life, unordered!

I have fallen behind on my Blogging U assignments; but, hey! What’s new?! [Takes a mental step over that hurdle.]

In review, it doesn’t look so bad. Let’s take a look and see where I’m at:-

  • write a list on any of these:
    • Things I Like
    • Things I’ve Learned
    • Things I Wish
  • edit your title and tagline – Done! as I am quite happy with my current Title and Tagline. I attribute that to the fact that it took me so long to take the plunge with my blog that I made sure to get it right the first time!
  • select one word for a prompt or inspiration:
  • meet the neighbors: Follow 5 tags and 5 new blogs – Done!

I reckon that 2/4 is pretty awesome! Well, for me, anyway.  [Gives herself a light pat on the back!]  I am about to make it 3/4 and then save the best for last.  I will do 4 in a separate post, as it was on my list of blog posts that started with Que sera sera.

5 things I wish…

  1. I wish… I had a better parenting role model
  2. I wish… I had all the answers to life
  3. I wish… I could help more people
  4. I wish… for peace and love across the world
  5. I wish… time didn’t elude me all the time!

That’s it! I’m done! And I’m late for class!

Pretty much all I know….is that this, is not the life I ordered!


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