que sera sera….

So, today is about to get super busy!!

As a pre-cursor, I was out of bed, through the bathroom,dressed,out the door, in the car, on the road to drop Mr N at work, and back home by 05h30!

Then I prayed, made breakfast for T & T, and decided to do this blogpost before the big rush of school run, assignments, gluten free bread orders to bake and classes to attend…

I am trying to maintain sanity and calmness. This is part of my new journey to not stress myself into a complete tizz, where almost nothing is achieved because stress demobilises me. So this blog is also a part of that new journey. It’ s about taking control, as opposed to being controlled by life and events. I don’t want to autopilot anymore. I want to fly to chosen destinations, I want to be present in the moments, I want to decide on taking the path less travelled or the open road, I want to feel the emotions of every moment and process it to memory, I want to challenge myself to get outside the box of comfort and pursue all there is to experience, I want to remove all limitations…

So yes, que sera sera: what must be, must be… but it will be, because I chose, because I lived, because I loved, because I moved beyond the norm!

…school run!

Pretty much all I know…is that life can only ge better!


6 thoughts on “que sera sera….”

  1. One of the things I’ve learned in my life is that I need to get my over-doing nature in balance! Taking control of my own life so that I am doing what I want to do rather than trying to please everyone else has been an important part of that learning.

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