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So, I am still figuring this blogging gig out…yeah…feeling quite primordial here!
I hope, that at least I get some peeps liking my post…that will give me some hankering to push on.

This past week has been somewhat chaotic! I can’t say I am glad it’s over though…I still have a looming deadline for an assignment and the time has gotten away from me.

Time….I once caught myself saying: “Time is no concept…except that it disappears faster than you can say it!” Does this mean I have just experienced the reality of my own words?!
Well, despite it all, I am determined to get my blog rolling and free up some space in my brain. Dare I say, this mind has too many archives.  There hardly seems space enough for any new information to filter through.

I had a myriad of ideas for my next post, but, alas, they all escape me now.  I will be sure to write them in a list for future reference.  These ambivalent thoughts and emotions that all stir the pot of life, must be tasted!
If words are music and music be the food of life….then play/write on!!

Pretty much all I know…lies buried in the chambers of my memory.

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