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Green Beans – timeless treasures

This post has been drafted, deleted and postponed.  The word Treasure was taken from the list of  words given in one of the BloggingU assignments. My beloved Grandma [maternal] passed in July. She was a real gem. A treasure trove of stories and lessons.  I grew up with her. She taught me to sleep neatly, eat… Continue reading Green Beans – timeless treasures

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Cinnamon sugar Toast

I have been missing my mum in an unusual way. I am by no means an emotional person. I don't cry unless it's for a movie.  I have walls as high as the sky around my heart.  I never cried when my kids took their first step or said their first word. My little glass… Continue reading Cinnamon sugar Toast

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Life, unordered!

I have fallen behind on my Blogging U assignments; but, hey! What's new?! [Takes a mental step over that hurdle.] In review, it doesn't look so bad. Let's take a look and see where I'm at:- write a list on any of these: Things I Like Things I've Learned Things I Wish edit your title… Continue reading Life, unordered!

Blogging Uni posts

3 for 1 combo!

I decided to do the Blogging U courses: Writing 101 and Blogging 101.  Yeah, I am a sucker for biting off more than I can chew!  I mean, with all  that I already have on my plate,  one would be wise to not accept any more challenges; but, noooo, not this lass...she just thinks she's… Continue reading 3 for 1 combo!

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So, I am still figuring this blogging gig out...yeah...feeling quite primordial here! I hope, that at least I get some peeps liking my post...that will give me some hankering to push on. This past week has been somewhat chaotic! I can't say I am glad it's over though...I still have a looming deadline for an… Continue reading Onwards…